Ringshall Parish Council


Annual General Meeting of

Ringshall Parish Council is to be held at 7.30pm

on Tuesday 24th May 2022

in Ringshall Village Hall

Public Attendance

Members of the public and press are welcome to attend in person.


Please be aware that the recording of proceedings may occur.


COVID: Currently our parish councillors are continuing with Covid-19 precautions including wearing facemasks, social distancing and use of hand sanitiser.


It is not enforceable but is respectful for those who might have concerns and don't want to be compromised with their holidays imminent.




The agenda for this meeting, if not with this notice, can also be found on the council’s website at: https://ringshall.suffolk.cloud/

 Alternatively,  it is available on request from the Parish Clerk.

Please ring 07702 132 061

    Date:18th May 2022

Lacey Luther

Clerk to Ringshall Parish Council






Community Governance Review

Mid Suffolk District Council are carrying out a Community Governance Review of Parishes, Town Councils and Unparished areas.

For more information please click here



How can we support the people of Ukraine?

Message from Ringshall Parish Council


Ringshall Parish Council have received a number of enquiries from residents asking how they or the Parish Council can help with the current situation in Ukraine.

As we are all aware, the situation in the Ukraine is very upsetting and concerning. Our thoughts and sympathy are with everyone who is affected.

Parish Councils are not allowed to make donations of money. However, we can help by signposting how village residents can help:


Lacey Luther, Parish Clerk

e-mail pc.ringshall@gmail.com